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SSLC Parent Committee

The SSLC Parent Committee is volunteer-based, and welcomes all guardians of children enrolled at Stepping Stones Learning Center of Littleton. Committee member positions are also volunteer-based, and when a family leaves SSLC or vacates a position, interest to fill the vacant position will be gathered from general members. An initial orientation/information gathering meeting was first held on November 10, 2020. When new individuals fill leadership roles, training will be provided. 

The Parent Committee serves 3 key purposes:

· To connect, and find ways to build relationships, with other families of SSLC

· To establish a sense of community, both within SSLC and the surrounding areas

· To gather feedback and input from families, that may be shared with SSLC staff

· To share ideas that will benefit the environment and experience for all, especially the children

The committee will meet regularly, typically once a month. The meeting locations, dates, and times will be determined based on what is the most convenient for the majority of the members. This frequency may change, based on planned events and such. Virtual meetings may be held, in lieu of-in person, when necessary. When meetings are able to be held in person, SSLC administration will provide refreshments.

All members are to be treated respectfully, and to be made to feel valued and welcomed. Input and ideas are not only welcome, but encouraged and appreciated. We are grateful to all members for the team and efforts put forth to help us strive for to be excellent sources of family support and early childhood education.  

Committee Roster

Committee Chair: Katie Christensen

Assistant Committee Chair: Lynn Harrington

Secretary: Reba Kucera

Information Officer: Elyse Ingham

Fundraising/Activities Officers: Jennifer Norris, Annie Collins, and Stephanie Montoya

Program Representatives: Tiphani Morris and Ashley Henshaw

Additional Committee Members: Lane Parker, Jenna Taylor, Sigrid Spilger, Christy and Robert Zhardnik-Mitchell, Barbara and Josh Krider, Ashley Lutz, Steve Harrington

View the Meeting Minutes Here

February 2021


December 2020

November 2020

When will the next meeting be?

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