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A Secure Place for Your Child’s Exploration and Discovery


Aiding in Your Little One’s Overall Growth and Development/ The Stepping Stones Curriculum

Let your child have a one-of-a-kind learning experience with help from Stepping Stones Learning Center of Littleton. We offer various programs that suit the unique needs and skill levels of children ages 6 weeks to 5years old in and around Littleton, Colorado. These include infant/toddler care and education, preschool, and we are proud participants in Colorado's Universal Preschool (UPK) for 4 year old Pre-K students. 

We have 9 classrooms: Brave Bears: 0-6 months, Friendly Foxes: 6-12 months,  Happy Hedgehogs: 12-18 months, Brilliant Bunnies: 18-24 months, Silly Squirrels: 2-2.5 years), Creative Cows: 2.5-3 years, Proud Pandas: 3-3.5 years, Wise Owls: 3.5-4 years, and our Kind Raccoons Pre-K!

In addition to our regular care and education, we do bring in extracurricular programs, such as soccer, gymnastics, French, American Sign Language, music, and more!


We are enthusiastic about participating in the learning journey of children under our care. In addition, we believe that every child is full of potential, and we are as passionate as you are in guiding your little one in achieving milestones every day. This is why we nurture their skills and boost their knowledge
by conducting enjoyable activities.


Our curriculum, HighScope, is a research-backed culmination of philosophies that are tested and true in the field of early childhood development, and includes an emphasis on the need to learn through play, sensory connections, and learning opportunities where the children are active participants. The activities and lesson plans for each classroom are created by experienced and trained early childhood educators, align with Colorado's Early Learning and Developmental Guidelines, and are individualized for the children in our care.  We utilize our knowledge of each child's development, which we track through the use of CorAdvantage (a Colorado aligned observation tool), to create meaningful learning experiences that will support each child. We do not believe that all children should be expected to learn and express their selves in identical manners, and for this reason we believe in assessing when children are ready to transition into the next classroom, rather than moving up children specifically according to age. Additionally, we strongly believe in the effect of continuity of care, in regards to the social and emotional well-being and development of children, and strive to build bonds with children and their families. We have a very low turnover rate among our teachers, and we advocate for the happiness, professional development, and support of our staff, and other ECE professionals in our community! 


We consider ourselves a family, here at SSLC, made up of the children we care for, their families that we aim to partner with, and the staff who are passionate about our roles!


Mission and Vision Statement

Our aim is to offer a safe and welcoming place where your little one can learn while having fun. We not only improve their academic engagement but also cultivate their character. Additionally, we strongly believe in fostering positive relationships with families, and other ECE programs and professionals. 

A little more about us....

Our center was founded over 20 years ago, and has been providing quality care and learning to families in the community for decades! We were one of the original buildings in the Ken Caryl Business Park, and are proud of or long-standing history. Formerly known as Jordan Alexander's Preschool Academy, we underwent a name change in 2018 and became Stepping Stones Learning Center of Littleton. We wanted a name that recognized that we are so much more than a preschool, especially since we serve families with children ages 6 weeks to 12 years of age! We believe that each child participates in experiences that are stepping stones of learning and development, and that will influence his or her health, well-being, and productiveness throughout his or her lifespan!

What sets us apart from other child care center and preschools is that our learning center is owned by two mothers who have extensive experience in childcare, psychology/lifespan development,  and education. The owners also serve as our director (Ashley) and school-age program coordinator (Meredith). Being parents themselves, they understand your little one’s needs, and they will do their best to nurture your child’s holistic development.

Another thing we love to offer the families in our community is our partnership with Brightwheel. This awesome program helps us aide in creating solid partnerships with the families of children in our care, as we are able to remain in constant communication throughout the day. We update your little one's daily activities, such as eating, diapering, and learning activities. Families can see real-time updates on what their child played with, ate, or if they are asleep/awake. We are also able to message back and forth with families, which proves to be an effective means to relay emergency information, as well as when supplies are needed, and share information on fun, center-wide events that are coming up, such as soccer classes or Family Nights!

Meet the Owners

Our team is guided by our dedicated owners, Ashley (also the center's Director) and Meredith (School Age Program Coordinator). To learn more about our owners, feel free to read their stories below:


“Hello! I’m Ashley, and I am passionate about childcare, and early childhood education. I believe strongly in the need for quality care, especially in the most crucial stages of a child’s development. I strive to support and advocate for, families, children, and educators. I am Director Qualified by Colorado's Division of Early Care and Learning! I have gained more than 10 years of experience as a childcare provider and business owner, as I opened my own childcare business in 2008. Additionally, I currently possess my Child Development Associate (CDA) certification as well as a bachelor's degree in Applied Psychology with an emphasis on behavioral development. I continue to further my knowledge and skill in this field by taking courses in child development. I strongly believe in incorporating a homey, fun, and safe feel in a centered atmosphere, and I love getting to know the families of our enrolled children, because family partnerships are so valuable to children’s growth and development!”


“Hello, I am Meredith! I graduated from Rice University in Houston, Texas, and hold a master's degree in French from CU Boulder. I taught French at CU Boulder and Mesa State University. Aside from that, I offer private French tutoring to kids and adults. I believe that instruction is most effective when it's relevant and fun! My goal is to create and present a school-age program that is fun and educational and also incorporates some foreign language instruction. School-age enrichment is my passion!”

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